BCS Computer City: The No. 1 Largest Computer Market In Bangladesh

BCS Computer City

BCS computer City is the country’s largest computer center and it’s called computer city center too. This computer market was established in 2000. This market located in IDB BHAVAN. This market size is about 100000 square feet. There are 350 shops in the market. BCS computer center is centrally air-conditioned. It is not considered as a computer market only as the center of the IT industry in the country.

The world’s most expensive brand showrooms are available in this market. BCS computer center is available to buy all types of information technology related products such as personal computer, desktop computer, Tablet, Laptop, software, Smartphone, camera, scanner, printer etc. Various fairs and events are organized every year in BCS computer city. That’s why it is a popular computer market in Bangladesh.

BCS computer City in

BCS Computer City

BCS Computer City

BCS computer city market’s security system:

There are CCTVs in the market for safety. There are numbers of security guards in the market; they are responsible for taking care of the entire market. They are much trained and have been performing their duties for the last few years. That’s why the market security is very strong.

BCS computer city market’s car parking System:

There are about hundred (100) car parking arrangements in the market. There are also at least 100 parking spaces in the front footpath. There is a certain rate of charge for car parking. If you think about the security the charge is very little.

Description of the building:

This is a four-story building. Computer-related products are sold on almost every floor.

First Floor:

In the first floor, you can find computer accessories and computer servicing stores.

BCS Computer City: The No. 1 Largest Computer Market In Bangladesh 1

Second floor

In the second floor, you can find Computer parts, servicing, camera, Mobile and laptop store.

BCS Computer City Floor-2

Third floor

Different types of CD shops, laptops and iPod shops you can find on the third floor.

BCS Computer City Floor-3

Fourth Floor:

Some Computer stores, one food shops (Bon-appetit) and one Mosque (Masjid) for visitors and shop owners.

BCS computer city shop list:

There are many shops in the computer city market including computer sale shop, computer repair shops, camera shop etc. Here there are many showrooms for cameras; you can find good quality foreign brand cameras here.

Showrooms watching

Why would you go to this market?

  1. To buy a brand new computer
  2. The Blue Screen of Death. The ‘Blue Screen of Death’ is a Microsoft Windows-related STOP error
  3. The Computer Won’t Start. A computer that suddenly shuts off or has difficulty starting up could have a failing power supply
  4. Abnormally Functioning Operating System or Software
  5. The Screen is frozen
  6. Strange Noises
  7. Slow Internet
  8. Missing DLL Files
  9. Applications Running Slowly
  10. Malware
  11. Frozen Screen
  12. Internet or Network Connectivity Issues
  13. Strange Noise
  14. Hard Drive Failure
  15. Windows Won’t Boot
  16. Computer is Slow

The food shop Bon-appetit:

The food shop name is Bon-appetit. Various types of food are available here such as Bengali food, Indian food, Burger, Thai food and Chinese food etc. All types of food here are healthy. Here cookers cook very well. But the price of food is a little bit expensive. You can order any food from the food menu. You may need to wait 10-15 minutes for the meal after ordering.

food shop Bon-appetit

There are good arrangements for sitting here to eat food and every food table is clean. There is a chance to rest here after the meal. Here, you can order tea and coffee if you want.

BCS Computer City: The No. 1 Largest Computer Market In Bangladesh 2

There is an outdoor food shop where you can buy food from there. Food prices outside the market are relatively low.

food menu of Bon-appetit

There are lots of tea and coffee shop outside the market that anyone can order tea and coffee from there, but there will not be much difference in price.

Food Ground for eating

Product Content Quality:

The quality of all types of products here is a lot better. Here the products can be purchased by burying. Also, Computer products are sold here at one price. If you are a pre-identified customer here, then you can get some discount on the price. Discounts are given here during the different fair times of the year. Also, various computer stores offer different discounts at different times of the year, Such as the founding of the shop or the establishment of the market etc.

Payment options:

You can pay the price through cash. You can also make payments through credit card, MasterCard, Bkash etc. here. That means you can pay easily here.

Lift up options:

This market has both options to use. You can choose escalators or stairs. There are four escalators in this market. These escalators are always open for customers. Also, there are Elevator opportunities in this market. You can easily get your goods down from three-story or four-story through this Elevator. It’s such a great way.

BCS Computer City: The No. 1 Largest Computer Market In Bangladesh 3

Car parking:

At least 100 (one Hundred) car parking arrangement has been made in the market’s own management. Car parking charges will be charged at a fixed rate. Many vehicles are parked in the front street and on the footpath, but actually, it is illegal.

Car Parking Place

Honda Parking place

Wash Room:

There are toilet facilities on every floor. Separate toilets are available for men and women. The toilets here are very clean. The toilet has enough water, so there is no reason to worry about it.

Wash room for washing hands or somthing

Prayer arrangement:

There is a mosque in the market. Muslims will be able to pray here if they want. The mosque is easily visible in the four-story market. The mosque is located on four floors. The mosque is located next to the food shop (The Bon-appetit) and elevator. There are Wudu arrangements for prayers. There different shoe boxes for the worshipers of the devotees. The place is very beautiful for prayers.

The Mosque place

Wudu Room before prepare for prayer

Prayer time

Almost every floor has a place for prayers for women. There will be about 8-10 people together to pray and they can spend a little while if they want to. It’s called a special system for the market. Most of the market is not seen as such.

Market’s working day:

The market is open from 10 am to 8 pm. Weekly closure of the market is Sunday. There are lots of crowds in the market on Fridays, Saturdays, and Mondays of the week. Usually, many crowds of buyers are noticed from 4 pm to 8 pm in the evening. The crowd of buyers on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday can be noticed less. The rush of buyers is very low in the morning. So, to avoid the crowd is the perfect time morning.

Market’s Address:

Begum Rokeya Soroni, Agargaon, Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka-1207. The market is located right next to the passport office. BCS Computer City’s official website is http://bcscomputercity.org.bd/

How to go:

If you get any bus from Motijheel (Shapla Chottor) to Mirpur 10, then you go to the Agargaon IDB center (IDB BHAVAN) to actually get off from the bus so you can easily go to the market. The cost of a Single Ride ticket is around 25-27 BDT. If you get any bus from Gulistan to Mirpur 10, then the cost is the same.


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