Best Batsman In The World 2019: Top 10 Batsman In 2019 World Cup

Best Batsman In The World 2019

We have not had the chance to watch any such high scoring match of the 2019 world cup. But most of the big batsman in the world has been able to dominate the game. They have been able to spread their name and sovereignty.

India, Australia, and Bangladesh have been able to dominate with the bat. RG Sharma, Shakib Al Hasan, and DA Warner were played great cricket with the bat.

Top 10 Batsman In 2019 ICC World Cup

Player InningsRunsHigh ScoreAverageStrike RateTeams
RG Sharma964814081.0098.33INDIA
DA Warner1064716671.8889.36Australia
Shakib Al Hasan8606124* 86.5796.03 Bangladesh
KS Williamson957814882.5774.96 New Zealand
JE Root1155610761.7789.53England
JM Bairstow1153211148.3692.84England
AJ Finch10 50715350.70102.01Australia
Babar Azam8474101* 67.7187.77Pakistan
BA Stokes104658966.42 93.18England
JJ Roy744315363.28115.36England
You can find the full updated (Jul 14, 2019) list here.


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