Cinnamon: A to Z (With All Kinds Of Question & answers)


The word cinnamon also described as mid-brown color in the general world. Now a day, a number of cinnamons are being produced commercially all over the world due to its thirsty demand among the most counties. If you go to your kitchen you may simply find a pot of cinnamon there which is being used at your breakfast to your dinner. The cinnamon what you are eating with your favorite food is maybe Cinnamomum-species. It is the commercial name of the spice.    

What Is Cinnamon?

Cinnamon is a kind of spice generated from the inner bark of different tree species which originated from the genus Cinnamomum. Generally, cinnamon is used as fragrant tickles that are used to add extra aromatic in a wide variety of dishes, sweet, snacks, traditional foods, and other favorite foods. The principal ingredient of cinnamon is cinnamaldehyde which is derived from its oil. Cinnamon acts as flavor as well as adding new aroma in the different kind of foods.  

Cinnamon has been recognized from the remote age of antiquity. At first, this spice was imported to Egypt in early 2000 BC. But soon the citizen of Egypt thought it as cinnamon cassis a kind of species like cinnamon came from China. In that time, cinnamon was very precious that it was given to the monarchs and used to give to the temple of Apollo at Miletus as a gift.

But now you are getting it on your own homeland. Basically, Asia is the main exporter of this kind of species all over the world. The countries like Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, and many more neighbor countries produce cinnamon commercially.


Where does cinnamon come from?

Naturally Cinnamon is very much native in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Burma, and India. The past history shows that Cinnamon was first imported by Egypt in 2000 BC. This was the first journey of Cinnamon and stated to be imported in the Mediterranean countries deliberately including Greek in the 7th century BC.

In the middle ages, Europe started importing cinnamon and trade secrets. By the hands of Indonesian traders, Cinnamon came to East Africa and then brought to Egypt. Coming to Egypt was the starting moment of the Cinnamon trade. Mostly Sri Lanka produces a lot Cinnamon about 80 to 90 % of C.Verum cinnamon in all over the world. Sri Lanka supplies the most weighty portion of Cinnamon to the whole world. Indonesia and China could be the next country after Sri Lanka in supplying Cinnamon.


About cinnamon tree:

CinnamonGenerally, you can see Cinnamon tree as an evergreen tree which is filled with oval-shaped leaves. It has to think of bark and berry fruit. The bark and leaves are the primary elements of harvesting Cinnamon tree. A cinnamon tree takes 2 years to grow and cultivate cinnamon. When it is 2 years of the tree, the stems are cut to the ground level. When you cut the stems it will grow a dozen of new roots replacing the cutting places. This is a dangerous time also because different kinds of pests can affect to the black roots such as Colletotrichum gloeosporioides, diplodia sp, and Phytophthora.

After cutting the new stems, they must be processed properly while the inner portion of the bark is still wet. The outer bark is totally scrapped off from the stems and the inner bark is hit by a hammer or other materials to realize the inner part. Most of the outer part is woody that is why it is discarded except the meter-long cinnamon curly rolls.


Types of cinnamon:

Basically, you can see four types of Cinnamon in your local market. These are used all over the world naturally. They are Ceylon Cinnamon, Cassia Cinnamon, Saigon Cinnamon, and Chinese Cinnamon. Each type of Cinnamon derives from different region and country.

Ceylon Cinnamon: Generally, Ceylon cinnamon grows in sandy soil with full of the number. A Cylon tree can grow up to 49 feet if you do not cut the stems earlier. The tree looks like thin with bark and shiny leaves which looks like leather on the top. Its flowers are white when it reaps it becomes bluish with its berry.

Cassia Cinnamon: Indonesia is the only supplier of Cassia cinnamon. More than 70% if North American imports cinnamon from Indonesia. This cinnamon is quite cheap than Ceylon cinnamon that is the reason for its popularity. It is processed totally by hands in the harvesting time.

Saigon Cinnamon: This is cinnamon is cultivated in Vietnam. It has become popular recently. It has a specialty in its aroma and taste. It is more spicy and sweet in your dishes. It is a little bit expensive than cassia cinnamon.

Chinese Cinnamon: Chinese cinnamon is similar to cassia cinnamon but the quality is not the same. This cinnamon is more pungent than sweet and has a bitter taste. Chinese cinnamon is not provided in the world internationally due to its lower quality. Chinese people use it as medicine to cure some minor disease.


What is Ceylon cinnamon:

CinnamonCeylon cinnamon is the most popular and tasty cinnamon in the world. Besides, it is the most costly cinnamon in all over the world. This cinnamon takes sandy soil to grow in the best productive way. Naturally, a Ceylon cinnamon can be uprooted about 47 feet. You cannot see a Ceylon tree of 49 feet in your eyes because the stems are cut earlier when it is full of leaves and reaped. It has a thin bark with shiny and leathery leaves in the top which become bluish when it is matured.

The first specialty of this cinnamon is its smell. It has a bitter smell that could be felt by sitting your drawing room. It is also known as Mexican cinnamon due to its cultivating land.

Ceylon cinnamon is a medicinal spice and its price is 10 times higher than other spices. It carries a little amount of coumarin which looks like blood-thinning substance. Doctor suggest this cinnamon to reduce blood sugar problem. Its color is tan brown. Ceylon cinnamon is mostly cultivated in Sri Lanka. You can find it by tasting its pungent and sweet level. It is much better than any other cinnamon in the sense of quality.


Where to buy Ceylon cinnamon?

Generally, Ceylon cinnamon is cultivated in Sri Lanka mostly. Sri Lanka exports this kind of cinnamon all over the world. If you are from Sri Lanka then you could find it at any local market at a suitable price. Europe and Egypt mostly import Ceylon cinnamon than any other countries due to its high price.

You have two option to buy this spicy cinnamon at your kitchen any time. One is you need to order in Amazon and another one you have to go to your market. Remember, you must judge the cinnamon before placing your order that whether it is Ceylon cinnamon or any other Chinese. On the other hand, you could find some dedicated shops which sell only Ceylon cinnamon locally or internationally by a website.   


What is cassia cinnamon:

Cassia cinnamon is also a popular type of cinnamon in the present days due to its low price. Yes, cassia cinnamon has quite less price than Ceylon cinnamon. Generally, it is cultivated in Indonesia mostly. From the total cassia cinnamon, only Indonesia cultivates 70% of the total production in the world. North America imports cassia cinnamon more than 70% of the total cultivation. It has a little quality at low cost. You can experience this cinnamon as pungent and less sweet.

On the other hand, cassia cinnamon is processed by hand in the harvesting time. Chine is the second of producing cassia cinnamon but it has a little popularity than the cinnamon of Indonesia.    


Cassia cinnamon dangers:

Cassia cinnamon is truly a famous spice all over the world. The reason for its popularity is its cost of buying. I must say that you will have world-class cinnamon with cassia cinnamon. Though it could be your daily ingredients, I am sorry to say that it has some side effect that you never know before. You should use this cinnamon thinking these side effects from tomorrow.

It may cause liver damage: You are reading correct information though it is unexpected. Researchers said that eating too much Cassia cinnamon could cause your liver damage suddenly. Not only cassia cinnamon but also the other spices could be dangerous for our health.

It may increase the risk of Cancer: On the other hand, it may increase the risk of cancer with daily use. You surely do not want to have this kind of hindrances on your body that could hamper your future living.

Low Blood Sugar: This is a serious issue for people having diabetes issues. They must keep themselves apart from taking this cinnamon on their regular dishes.

Breathing problem: sometimes it may cause breathing problem. People having breathing problem before may experience really bad days eating the powder of cassia cinnamon.

May damage medicine working capacity: Cassia cinnamon carries some hidden ingredients which may hamper our regular blood circulation. You know when we take medicine, it starts acting on our blood. If our blood is not ready, the medication could not be worked at that time.


Ways to Identify Ceylon Cinnamon:

You can choose the absolute Ceylon Cinnamon if you know the characteristics of this cinnamon. There are four kinds of cinnamon that are sold all over the world locally or internationally. You just need to know some basic criteria of Ceylon Cinnamon.

The first thing you will notice that it is too much costly that its price is 10 times higher than cassia or other cinnamon. It carries a small amount of coumarin which is a natural blood-thinning substance. It is tan brown in color which is easy to break. The taste is very delicious, sweet and a little bit pungent. Ceylon Cinnamon is also used in great dishes to add aroma. It is mainly cultivated in Sri Lanka. You must seek these characteristics before buying Ceylon Cinnamon to get the right Ceylon cinnamon.


Key Differences Between Ceylon Cinnamon and Cassia Cinnamon:  

You cannot differ Ceylon and Cassia cinnamon if you are just an ordinary user of this spice. To get the difference between these two you must know the key characteristic of these tow cinnamon. Look at the chart and check out the differences of tow:

Points Ceylon Cinnamon Cassia Cinnamon
Cultivation Ceylon cinnamon is generally cultivated in Sri Lanka. This is the only country which provides the most cinnamon in the whole world Cassia cinnamon is generally cultivated in Indonesia. China also cultivates this kind of cinnamon.
Color It is tan brown in color naturally It is reddish dark brown
Layers Basically, the bark is thin like paper when it is rolled up it creates multiple layers. It has thick bark which creates a few layers when rolled up.
Flexibility Easy to break by your home grinder It is too hard than Ceylon cinnamon to break or make powder by the home grinder
Price I must say that the price level of Ceylon in the whole world is very high. You would find its price 10 times higher than cassia or other Chinese cinnamon. Cassia is popular due to its price. You would find it with a very low price that you may buy a bag of sticks of cassia or Chinese cinnamon by less than a dollar.
Elements It carries a little amount of coumarin with a blood-thinning substance. You would find it just breaking the outer bark. It is totally healthy for the human body in regular use. On the other hand, it contains a large number of coumarin which is really dangerous for our health in regular use. You can use it occasionally but not regularly.
Taste Its taste is very cheering. You would experience sweet with a little bit pungent. Nobody would find any bitter taste by using this cinnamon on their favorite dishes. Besides, Cassia and Chinese cinnamon create a bitter taste with very much pungent. You would find a little amount of sweet if you try it fresh.
Uses Ceylon Cinnamon is being used in overall recipes and dishes. You can use it without any guidance on your cooking, You must be a little bit careful using this cinnamon on your dishes. It is only preferable to use in cooking meat and related dishes.
Availability You would find this healthy cinnamon in Sri Lanka as native crops. You can find Ceylon in European countries mostly. You would find this cinnamon in the countries of Indian subcontinent such as Bangladesh, India, Chin, etc.
Importer Europe and Egypt is the main importer of Ceylon cinnamon in the world. On the other hand, North American including the USA import this cinnamon due to its low price.


Health benefits of cinnamon (With True Evidence)

You may be seeking the benefits of cinnamon, right? You must know that how many ways it is helping us unknowingly. I appreciate really that we do not judge our food whether it has any benefits or not generally. See the benefits of taking cinnamon below.

1. Cinnamon may Works Against the HIV virus: Yes, you are reading the absolute information that cinnamon may work against the HIV virus. All the spices are the elements of nature. They are being used for many years because our human body is totally fit and favorable taking this kind of spices. This spice does not only increase the taste of your dishes but also helps our antibacterial system to protect virus like HIV. HIV decreases the strength of our immune system that rides AIDS later. Cinnamon breaks the virus of HIV 1 by cassia varieties (source). A laboratory study has treated some HIV affected cells of our human body and they opined that cinnamon helps those cells as 69 plants do (source).

2. Cinnamon may Works Against Bacterial and Fungal Infections: If you know the ingredients of cinnamon then you could know the power of Cinnamaldehyde. It is one of the main ingredients of cinnamon that may reduce your infection affected by a virus. If you are a regular user of cinnamon, you may have the presence of this antivirus. On the other hand, oil pressed by cinnamon is very much essential for treating respiratory infections caused by fungi. It suppresses the growth of some bacteria like Listeria and Salmonella (source). In general, it reduces the chances of tooth decay and lessens breathing problem (source).

3. Cinnamon has the power to Protect Against Cancer: You know cancer is a mortal disease. Cancer begins with an uncontrolled tumor which sues the seeds of cancer in our normal body. It has been many years since the treatment of cancer is being analyzed in different ways. In the part of cinnamon, it reduces the growth of cancer affected cells and the generation of blood vessels in tumors. By the way, a study on cancer showed that taking cinnamon regularly may protect you from cancer (source). Besides, research in mice about colon cancer showed that cinnamon acts as a potential element of detoxifying enzymes in the colon which may prevent cancer growth in the future (source).

4. Cinnamon has Good Effects on Neurodegenerative Diseases: Neurodegenerative diseases are generated by the loose cells of the human brain. Whenever our brain cells progressively start to decay and stop working as normal we could experience Neurodegenerative diseases. From the many neuro diseases, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are the most common. A study has proved that cinnamon carries tow major components that reduce the chance of growing a protein named tau in the brain. It is the most common sign to grow Alzheimer diseases (source). On the other hand, cinnamon helps to normalize neurotransmitter working process which helps to function normally in our brain (source). Though it needs better research, you have got basic information about it.

5. Cinnamon Lowers Blood Sugar Levels and Good effect on Powerful Anti-Diabetic: Cinnamon is always a great ingredient to our health to lessen sugar level at all times. At first, cinnamon helps to control your sugar level by controlling the glucose in our blood streaming after taking food. It works with other ingredients friendly. It takes action with its natural enzymes by breaking down the slow issues of carbohydrates in our digestion time (source). It can improve your glucose level more effectively than artificial insulin that is really helpful for anti-diabetic actions. Various studies have proved that regular using of cinnamon may lower the sugar levels of diabetic patients up to 10 to 29% (source). You have to take it with the proper amount that is 1 to 6 grams or up to 2 teaspoons per day.

6. Cinnamon may help to Improve Sensitivity to the Hormone Insulin: Insulin is one of the main hormones that direct metabolism and strength use. It helps blood to run into your cells normally from the bloodstream in our body. The bloodstream is a regular essential task for our human body that circulates in our whole body always. The sad news is that many of you do have that much insulin or have damaged insulin which may occur blood transformation problem. This type of problem is known as insulin resistance which is a common sign of metabolic syndrome and type to diabetes. You can easily this resistance problem by taking the right amount of cinnamon regularly (source). Using cinnamon may be a great way to control these problems as it is a natural element.

7. Cinnamon may help to reduce the Risk of Heart Disease: From the many helpful sides, cinnamon is very much helpful to reduce many kinds of heart diseases. It could be a little solution to protect yourself from premature death. The main cause of heart disease could be a sudden increase in blood sugar level which marches you towards type to diabetes. The good news is that you can be safe by using two spoons of cinnamon every day to protect yourself from sudden death (source). On the other hand, it lessens the total cholesterol like LDL cholesterol and triglycerides cholesterol which is very bad for our health. It keeps the good cholesterol stable like HDL cholesterol (source). This is all you are having just eating 120 mg of cinnamon per day which will help to increase HDL cholesterol (source).

8. Cinnamon has full of Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Inflammation is a very much important element of our body. When our inflammation system is in normal situation it helps our anti-bacteria to protest against various infection. If it stops working as it does, you may experience infection issues. You may be affected by this inflammation if it directs in other ways. You must keep the properties of this in the right amount and position. Cinnamon helps in this respect providing antioxidants which help to grow anti-inflammation in your body (source).  

9. Cinnamon has full of Antioxidants: Basically, cinnamon is loaded with many helpful ingredients such as antioxidants. It is the major ingredients in cinnamon which help you from damages caused by free radicals. One of the powerful antioxidants in cinnamon is polyphenols (source). In a study, it is proved that among 26 regular spices cinnamon is the most useful and essential element that is important for the human body (source). It has ranked its position by carrying garlic and oregano. So, cinnamon can be used for food preservation (source).

10. Cinnamon Is Loaded Powerful Medicinal Properties: Already you have read that how many ways cinnamon helps us. The next sentence is that it is filled with important and essential medicinal properties which is very much needed for our health. We really use cinnamon just to increase the taste and flavor of our food. If you see the history of cinnamon that you will certainly find that cinnamon is being used for many years for treatment in many regions. Chin especially uses cassia cinnamon for natural treatment of various kinds of minor diseases. The smell and flavor of cinnamon carry an oily portion with it which is full of high cinnamaldehyde (source).


Effects of taking Too Much Cinnamon

Besides the benefits, there is some side effect of taking too much cinnamon. It says that you must take cinnamon in the right amount. Read the side effects of cinnamon.

Liver Damage: You know that cinnamon is of two types. They are Ceylon cinnamon and cassia cinnamon. We generally use cassia cinnamon mostly all over the world except some countries of Europe. Those who use cassia cinnamon regularly they are in a little danger. Cinnamon carries coumarin. Cassia cinnamon carries approximately 5 mg per two-teaspoon. On the other hand, Ceylon cinnamon carries a little bit of coumarin (source).

You are suggested to take daily approximately 0.05 mg per pound weight. If you are 60 kg you may take 5 mg of coumarin in a day. It reduces weight per day. Unfortunately, coumarin could be dangerous for your health when it is extreme on your body. It could damage your liver increasing the toxic acid on the stomach (source).

Increase the Risk of Cancer: It is already proved that eating too much coumarin could cause cancer. As you know that cassia cinnamon is a strong source of this ingredient. It may increase the risk of various cancer (source). A study in rodents has shown that eating too much coumarin may cause tumors which causes lung, liver, and kidney cancers (source).

But it is unclear how coumarin could cause cancer. Obviously, we know that eating too much of anything could cause several health problems. A broad study has said that sometimes it could cause cancerous disease in our body (source).

Cause Mouth Sores: You may experience mouth sores for many times. If you do not have the experience just try to take a little bit cinnamon on your tongue. You will experience this taste when you take too much cinnamon (source).

Cinnamon carries an allergic ingredient Cinnamaldehyde. You will get the reaction only when you are taking it too much. You will get general symptoms of having sores such as mouth becomes white, feeling of burning or itching, and gum swelling. These feelings are not too much serious for your health but you will feel a little bit uncomfortable (source).

Cause Low Blood Sugar: If you are having sudden high blood pressure, you may at risk level. If you left this sudden high blood sugar, it may lead you to a dangerous condition. Cinnamon is very well known as the ingredient to lower blood sugar. A study has proved that cinnamon works as a subordinate of insulin or some hormone that helps to lessen sugar from the blood (source).

You may take cinnamon to lower your blood sugar but you should not take too much of it to reduce your blood sugar problem rapidly. Taking too much cinnamon may cause you tired, dizzy, and dull. It is called hypoglycemia (source).

I will suggest that if you are having low blood sugar or diabetes, you should lessen the amount of taking cinnamon regularly. It could lead your health to a more harmful condition.

Cause Breathing Problems: As Cinnamon is being used regularly all over the world, nobody could find the side effect of cinnamon easily. You may take this spice to increase the taste and flavor of your favorite dish. But have you noticed that you are feeling cough or gagging after taking too much cinnamon? Cinnamon contains a texture that makes it easy to inhale. Unfortunately, this inhaling process could cause your cough with itching problem. On the other hand, cinnamon contains cinnamaldehyde may cause you irritant and breathing problem (source).

You have to be very careful if you are a victim of asthma or other related diseases which cause breathing problem. Taking too much cinnamon may speed up these diseases.

Interact With Certain Medications: As long you are taking cinnamon in a small amount, you are in good condition from cinnamon. But when you are increasing the level of taking too much cinnamon it could cause many problems. Though cinnamon has a variety of good effects in our body, we should take it in a reasonable amount. Cinnamon can increase your disease level high suddenly. You already got that it could affect your lung, liver, throat, and breathing problem. Besides, it could cause the risk of cancer also. Too much cinnamon may damage your medication action. It could be a hindrance against the action of your medication.   


What are the risk factors of Eating Dry Cinnamon:

We eat dry cinnamon very often at our house whimsically. Many of you may like the taste of dry cinnamon that is why you may take a challenge to eat dry cinnamon. You may eat a lot of stick of dry cinnamon to defeat your opponent. You could win the challenge but losing something more valuable. Just after eating a table of dry cinnamon you will feel the irritating throat which affects the lung later.

This kind of behavior may damage your liver permanently. Our lunges are very weak to digest the fibers in the spice. Later, it could cause aspiration pneumonia which is known as a big problem of a lung (source). If you do not treat this aspiration pneumonia, you could experience collapses of your lung.  


What is the perfect amount we should eat:

Generally, cinnamon is very much health friendly for the human being. The popularity of using cinnamon in dishes has been coming from many years. Cinnamon is full of health beneficial ingredients. But you have to believe that all the spices in the world are sometimes poisonous. You have to take these spices in the right amount daily.

Basically, we use cassia cinnamon which contains coumarin. You should take coumarin 1 mg per 1 kg of your weight. If you are taking cassia cinnamon according to your weight, your health can tolerate this amount of cinnamon with a good effect (source). You can measure the cinnamon for daily use as for cassia cinnamon take only 2 teaspoons daily not much. On the other hand, for Ceylon cinnamon, you can take up to 2.5 teaspoons daily. Try to take a little amount.


Final Note:

Cinnamon is one of the most important and essential spices in the world. It is a delicious and pungent spice which adds extra taste and flavor into our dishes magically. This is the only spice which has two different taste sweet and pungent at a time.

We use two types of cinnamon in the whole world. One is Ceylon cinnamon and the other one is cassia cinnamon. Cassia cinnamon is also called regular cinnamon because of its regular is in most of the countries. Only the European use Ceylon cinnamon mostly than other countries.

You got cinnamon as a beneficiary for our health as well as dangerous. The good and bad effect of taking cinnamon depends on your amount of taking it daily. You must be conscious of taking this spice, especially on its amount. Take cassia cinnamon only two teaspoons daily and Ceylon cinnamon 2.5 teaspoons daily. Use this spice in a little bit is always preferable for your health.


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