Computer Full Form: What Is The Full Form Of Computer

Computer Full Form

“Computare” is a Latin word. The word “Computer” comes from “Computare” which means to count or calculate. A computer is a powerful electronic device which is used for saving data, collecting data using internet, displaying information, type documents, send email, play games, make videos etc. Let’s get started to check computer full form.

“A computer is a general purpose electronic device that is used to perform arithmetic and logical operations automatically. A computer consists of a central processing unit and some form of memory.”

What Is The Full Form Of Computer?

If we break the word “Computer” into the English alphabet then we will get “C”, “O”, “M”, “P”, “U”, “T”, “E”, “R”. we have gathered the abbreviations of the “computer” below-

C:- Commonly

O:- Operated

M:- Machine

P:- Particularly

U:- Used for

T:- Technology

E:- Education and

R:- Research

What are the different types of computers?

Desktop computers: This is a computer and it can be used in home and office as well. It is the computer that you can’t take it anywhere if you want.

Laptop: It’s another kind of computer and it is the computer that you can take it anywhere if you want. It’s simple to carry.

Abbreviations For Hardware 

SLShort Form Full Form
1ComputerCommonly Operated Machine Particularly Used In Technical And Educational Research
2CPUCentral Processing Unit
3CD-RWCompact Disc-Rewritable
4CD-ROMCompact Disc-Read-Only Memory
5CDCompact Disc
6ATXAdvanced Technology Extended
7ATAAdvanced Technology Attachment
8AMDAdvanced Micro Devices
9DVDDigital Versatile Disc
10DVD-ROM Digital Video Disc-Random Access Memory
11DVD-ROM Digital Video Disc-Read Only Memory
12DVD-RDigital Video Disc-Recordable
13DVD-RWDigital Video Disc-Rewritable
14DDRDouble Data-Rate
15DDR RAM Double Data-Rate Random Access Memory
16FDDFloppy Disk Drive
17HDDHard Disk Drive
18HDMi High Definition Media Interface
19IDEIntegrated Drive Electronics
20 LCD Liquid Crystal Display
21LEDLight Emitting Diode
22RAMRandom Access Memory
23ROM Read Only Memory
24PCIPeripheral Component Interconnect
25SSDSolid State Disk
26SMPSSwitch Mode Power Supply
27USBUniversal Serial Bus
28 VGA Video Graphics Array
29VRAM Video Random Access Memory

Abbreviations Related To Computer 

SLShort FormFull Form
1APIApplication Programming Interfaces
2BIOSBasic Input/Output System
3CMOSComplementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
4DNSDomain Name Service Or Domain Name Server
5DPIDots Per Inch
6DVIDigital Visual Interface
7FATFile Allocation Table
8FAT1212-Bit File Allocation Table
9FAT1616-Bit File Allocation Table
10FAT32 32-Bit File Allocation Table
11FPSFrame Per Second
12EMIElectromagnetic Interference
14GBpsGigabytes per second or Gigabits per second
16GUIGraphical User Interface
17I/O Input & Output
18MbpsMega Bytes Per second
19KBps Kilo Bytes Per Second
21MB Megabyte
234 Bits 1 Nibble
248 Bits 1 Byte
251024 Bytes 1 Kilo Byte ( KB )
261024 KB 1 Mega Byte ( MB )
271024 MB 1 Gyga Byte ( GB )
281024 GB 1 Tera Byte ( TB )
291024 TB 1 Peta Byte ( PB )
301024 PB 1 Exa Byte ( EB )
311024 EB 1 Zetta Byte ( ZB )
321024 ZB 1 Yotta Byte ( YB )
33MHz Megahertz
34MP3Moving Picture Experts Group Layer 3 Audio
35MPEGMoving Picture Experts Group
36MSCONFIG Microsoft Configuration
37NTFS New Technology File System
38NTLDRNew Technology Loader
39OMROptical Mark Recognition
40RGB Red Green Blue
43PC Personal Computer
44OSOperating System
45VDUVisible Display Unit
46XGAExtended Graphics Array
47ZIPZigzag Inline Package

Abbreviations For Softwares

SLShort Form Full Form
6AuAdobe Audition
7Br Bridge
8CoEdge Code
11Mu Adobe Muse
12BcBusiness Catalyst
13In Edge Inspect
14FbFlash Builder
17Pr Premiere Pro
18CC Creative Cloud
19RfEdge Reflow
20FlFlash Professional
22ScAdobe Scout
23WfEdge Web Fonts
25AeAfter Effects
27BdPhoneGap Build
28StStory Plus
31O Outlook
33N OneNote

Abbreviations For Internet

SLShort Form Full Form
1 XML Extensible Markup Language
2HTMLHypertext Markup Language
3HTTPHypertext Transfer Protocol
4HTTPS Hypertext Transfer Protocol Over Secure Sockets Layer
5PHPHypertext Preprocessor
6CSSCascading Style Sheets
7SASSSyntactically Awesome Style Sheets
9AJAX Asynchronous JavaScript And XML
10PERLPractical Extraction and Reporting Language
11UIUser Interface
12UX User Experience
13ASPActive Server Pages
15SQLStructured Query Language
16NET Internet
18WWW World Wide Web

Abbreviations For Networking

SLShort Form Full Form
1FTPFile Transfer Protocol
2GPRSGeneral Packet Radio System
3GSMGlobal System For Mobile Communications
4IMAP Internet Message Access Protocol
5LANLocal Area Network
6IP Internet Protocol
7IPCONFIGInternet Protocol Configuration
82GSecond generation of mobile phone standards and
93GThird generation of mobile phone standards and technology
104G4th generation of mobile phone standards and technology
11MAC Media Access Control
12MANMetropolitan Area Network
13POPPost Office Protocol
14POP3Post Office Protocol 3
15PPP Point-To-Point Protocol
16PPTP Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol
17NetBIOSNetworked Basic Input Output System
18NetBEUINetworked Basic Input/Output System Extended User Interface
19SMTPSimple Mail Transport Protocol
20VPNVirtual Private Network
21WANWide Area Network
22WAP Wireless Application Protocol
23WIFIWireless Fidelity
24WLANWireless Local Area Network


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