Top 10 Best Game Design Schools Online Bachelor’s Degree programs

game design schools online

Are you worried about thinking which game design online school is the best?

If you are tensed yet, you are in the right place. Here, you will get all necessary information about game design schools online. Just keep your attention and read until the last number of school. Each game design school has a different specialty on the basis of different segment. You need to choose your one carefully judging the information below.


You have to choose the best school suitable for your time and demand. There are a lot of information and the advantages of online degree programs. You are searching for the most demanded program at the present time. Select your online school and get a professional online game design degree.


The 10 Best Game Design Schools Online Degrees Ranking System:

Game design schools online are the most vindicated issue in the present gaming world. The interest in playing an online game is spreading rapidly for the upgrade technology and devices.

Ranking and rating system by tuiton:

  • Under $ 10000= 07 points
  • Under $ 12500= 06points
  • Under $ 15000= 05 points
  • Under $ 17500= 04 points
  • Under $ 20000= 03 points
  • Under $ 25000= 02 points
  • Under $ 30000= 01 point

Based on World Report Recognition and US News

  1. TOP 364 = 01 point
  2. TOP 200 = 02 points
  3. TOP 150 = 03 points
  4. TOP 100 = 04 points
  5. TOP 50 = 05 points

Every year, it is measured that which school has originated quality designer on the basis of the game design profession. Your choice of school values your desired online game design degree.

Do not miss anyone, read thoroughly!

List of top 10 best game design schools online:

These are the most ranked schools worldwide which are providing Game design and Development programmes. Read carefully and take all the information you needed.

  1. University of Southern California:

    game design schools online
    University of Southern California

    The college choice is 100 percent and the net average price is $32932. The University of Southern California was founded in 1880 and it is the oldest private university of research in the state. Having 19000 undergraduate students, the university is leading the world in the online programme. Moreover, The Wall Street Journal and Times Higher Education ranked the University of Southern California 15th among the 1000 private and public university of the world. You have the chance to get a B.S degree in computer science on games.

You need to complete 128 credits to acquire the degree officially. You will get the B.S degree with the combination of Arts and Specialization in Developing games. The Princeton Review has declared USC as a top game development programme provider.



  1. Rochester Institute of Technology:

    game design schools online
    Rochester Institute of Technology

    The college choice score is 98.10 percent and the net average price is $29,111. Rochester Institute of Technology is situated in Rochester, NY which is known as a top technical university in the whole world. This private university has access to China, Dubai, Croatia, and many more countries. RIT offers the Bachelors of Science in Game design and development worldwide to generate the world into the utmost blooming world.

Students of RIT can complete their graduation on Audio, Mobile, Web, Game Design, Production, Engines and Systems, and Graphic Programming & Animation. The specialty of RIT is their teaching method that they deeply expose the coordination of code in programming so that student could understand the criteria of Programming. As for the experience, Graduate or undergraduate of RIT have worked on GSN Games, Amazon, Muse Games, and other renowned Games company.



  1. Drexel University:

    game design schools online
    Drexel University

    The college choice is 97.40 percent and net average price is $39021. The university was founded in 1891 and located in Philadelphia. It is one of the top private universities of America and the largest private university among the 15 large universities. Drexel University is offering numerous degree opportunities through the College of Media Arts and Design. It has a distinct section regarding various degree.

Drexel GMPD has designed their B.S degree with just the game design and development courses so that the students can easily cope up knowing and applying their knowledge into the field. The subsidiary programs are Large-scale game development, Special topics in educational and experimental game design, and Fundamentals of game design and development.



  1. Lindenwood University:

    game design schools online
    Lindenwood University

    the college is carrying 12 points according to the US News for the graduation degree in B.S in Games Design and Development and the tuition is $16,960. This is a school of Arts, Media, and Communication. Lindenwood University serves the subsidiary courses like Concept design and 3D Animation which are the first requirement to develop a game.  The university also prepares students for the post-graduation level in the discipline like writer, concept artist, engine programmer, audio programmer, modeler, art director, and mechanics designer.

The advances teaching and forming system of Lindenwood University enables students to learn simultaneously working in diversified position. The university gives the opportunity to work in international game development companies with a professional jest.



  1. University of Utah:

    game design schools online
    University of Utah

    The college choice score is 97.29 and the net average price is $11,322.  The University of Utah was founded in 1850 in Salt Lake City and carrying more than 32,000 students. Many dreamers, inventors, and thinkers came here to boost their knowledge up to the world and serve for science. The university started a new program in B.S degree in Game design and Development under science section. Students of game design may touch the courses included Ethics in Games, Traditional Game Development, Digital Content Creation, and Intro to Design Thinking.

The Princeton review has declared the University of Utah at the 3rd place in the field of Game Design and Development. Students will learn with subsidiary courses for the related degree as video game design and development, 3D Animation, and computer-generated special effect.



  1. Digipen Institute of Technology:

    game design schools online
    Digipen Institute of Technology

    The college choice score is 96.96 and the net average price is $33,076. Digipen school was founded in 1988 in Redmond, Washington. It was a company of computer system and animation. Now the university is leading the field of Game Design and Development field. This technology university offers the students a variety of degree and courses suitable for their gaming career. The student may take degree option including BS in Computer science in the real-time interactive simulation, BS in computer science and game design, BA in music and sound design, and many more.

To apply in this course you need to complete the semester with 139 credits. You have many options to choose a university. This university enables you to work personally and collaborative situation. You will be able to meet and work together with the world first-class game development company.



  1. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute:

    game design schools online
    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

    The college choice score is 95.90 and the net average price is $37,434. The institute was founded in 1824 and situated in Troy, NY. The university has 145 degree programs and research centers. RPI offers the student the Game Design and Development programme with BS degree on the basis of Arts and Science.  Students of this institute have to complete 128 credits on courses like Experimental Game Design, Introduction to Game Design, and Character and story for Games. To apply in this institute in any programme, you need to drop your portfolio with the basic knowledge of mathematics, physical, and biological science.

Students will find themselves in a very challenging field as a designer and developer. The institute has a broad connection worldwide to push its students up to the world class company.  



  1. New York University:

    game design schools online
    New York University

    The college choice score is 94.96 and net average price is $ 35,147. The Private University is situated in Empire State, New York. the university has many degree programmes including the Game Design or BFA. It has climbed the top with its innovative students and cultivating unique thought. The school is running having 50,000 students and spreading its network to the whole world to develop the world with upgraded technology. To build a career on game designing, students will learn in the program of BFA are Toy design, MInimalist Game Design, European Videogames of the 1980s, Beyond the Joystick, and Breaking the mold- Idiosyncratic Games.

In 2014, NYU introduced their Game Center Incubator to research space, funding and to make more efficient students. Students of NYU has been working from the beginning at Disney, Riot, Avalanche Studio, and Arkadium. They are famous game developing companies in the world.



  1. Michigan State University:

    game design schools online
    Michigan State University

    The college choice score is 93.68 and net average price is $ 14,970. The public university was founded in 1855 and has been keeping the position in the top 100 public universities in the world. Michigan State University is located in East Lansing, Michigan. It is well-known for its research and innovative step for the students. Spreading more than 50 stated and having access to 130 countries, MSU has remarked its position worldwide. Media and information department of the school is providing a degree in Game Design and Development with a way to become professional in this sector.

    Students may accomplish these courses such as Client- based Game Design, Digital Game Design, 3D game and simulation design, and Collaborative Game design.



  1. University of California Santa Cruz:

    game design schools online
    University of California Santa Cruze

    College choice score is 87.89 and net average price is $16,261. Having more than 18000 students, Santa Cruz is standing in the right position to generate the students into someone special fit for the present world and the world to come. The most inspiring new is that the UC Santa Cruse is offering a BS degree (Bachelor in science) in Computer Science and Game design and development.

    The interested student may apply to this innovative university to become a professional game designer or related area. The program has designed with some specific courses suitable for a career. They are Modern Art- pop to present, History of Digital Games, Computer system and assembly language, and Video games as Visual Culture. The environment of this school is a strength which always motivates the students to do unique task and creation.



What is a Game Design Schools Online Bachelor’s Degree?

A bachelor’s degree in Game Design is a bundle of advantages to make a professional career in the field of digital technology with gaming sense. It is a complete course which helps you to pursue the best way to be fit in any game development area such as sound, graphic, animation, character etc.

How long does it take a game design schools online Degree Program?

Generally, the Game design and development program requires to complete at least 120 credits on average. Now, it’s up to that how long you take to complete the courses and getting the credits. Normally, the programme takes 4 years for a bachelor’s degree.

Education Requirements:

Normally, You must have 120 credits with general education including mathematics, physical and social science, Arts, and Communication. These basic knowledge are required from the top Schools which offering Game Design and Development programme.

Career Opportunity in online game design degree:

A game Design degree is a great opportunity for obtaining targeted career line up. Game designing has many distinct sectors to develop a game completely usable for the public. You may find your skill as a Graphic designer, sound maker, Animator, application developer, multimedia programmers, software developer, and many more. All of these are the best profession in the present world.

Salary Range Details for game design professions:

Salary range and system of a Game designer are really good enough for an ordinary person. The statistics say that a newcomer of this profession starts earning about USD 35,000 annually. It may cross in his or her maturity above USD 90,000 per year. I think there is no other profession which may pay that much salary.

The bottom line: You have all the information about Game design schools online. If need more, read the article again and choose the best to generate your dream into reality.



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