Gassy Foods: Top 10 List

Gassy Foods

Are you suffering from gas or acidity?

I know the answer is yes because most of us have an extreme level of acidity in our stomach. We are suffering from this annoying problem just because we are taking gassy foods every day. You will be wondered that you don’t recognize the foods which carry gaseous element.

Yes, you are reading the accurate that our gas problem in increasing every day with our daily food. You must avoid these foods which deliberately provide gaseous ingredients into our stomach. A few days ago I made a list of foods that cause cancer. Those foods should be avoided too. Make sure you know How does cancer spread from one person to another?

Look: I have made a list of 10 foods which cause gas into our body. You will be astonished that you are having most of these foods every day. Be careful and avoid these gassy foods to be healthy and have a sound life. 

10 Gassy Foods: Foods you should avoid

Read the list food and check your daily routine and be aware of taking these foods if you found anyone in the list.


Processed food:

You are thinking that how it is possible to avoid processed food. I know processed food is the daily necessary ingredients of our kitchen. I cannot think a day without processed food. Though collecting processed food is very much easy in this world of business, it has some limitation. Just think how foods are processed with different ingredients. Processed food could be mixed with artificial colors, flavor, smells, chemicals, and etc. These artificial ingredients really affect the foods dangerous for our health. I would like to suggest you avoid processed food and take fresh food though it is quite hard to maintain.


Apples and pears:

Obviously, apples and pears are favorite fruits for most of us. We eat these fruit without maintaining any routine or time. If I say you to look at your table, you would find some apples on the basket on your table. I am not discouraging you to take fruit like apple. You know that apple contains fructose that sometimes hard to digest.

Basically, gas is produced by our digestion problem. When our stomach fails to digest out eaten food, it automatically produces acidity into our stomach. On the other hand, pears carry sorbitol which causes bloating for some of us. You cannot think that a single piece of it could be a little cause of your gas. But if you eat those fruits cooking or making juice of it, it will be helpful for digestion.


Alcoholic beverage:

Alcoholic beverage is full of carbohydrate and yeast. Most of the wines are made of different kinds of fruits and chemical ingredients. Eating fresh fruit is really essential for our health but it could be dangerous for anyone who is non-alcoholic. Habitation is a great part of health which helps to accept a different kind of ingredients in our daily routine.

Carbohydrates of alcohol may hamper our health by creating bloating issues into our stomach. It is natural that when we drink much, we feel sleepy and lessen our control. I would suggest you not to drink so much that could cause the gaseous problem. You must remember that alcohol is not harmful always. It will be a burden when you drink so much.


Dairy products:

Dairy products mean the products made with milk and other ingredients. You must know that dairy products do not carry only milk but also sugar, color, and other chemicals. Milk is a good source of protein and calcium. Being a high source of protein and calcium, it could cause digestion problem at any time. On the other hand, the dairy product contains lactose. Lactose means the sugar in the dairy product.

Many people have lactose intolerance which means the disability of digestion of the sugar of milk. It is said by European Medical and Pharmacological Sciences that 75% of the total world population will lose the ability of lactose digestion in their lifetime. So be aware of these dairy products and drink fresh milk mixing with a suitable amount of water.


Cruciferous vegetables:

Cruciferous vegetables are very much essential for our body and mind. We know that fresh vegetables can give us a fresh mind and fit health. You need to know which vegetable are cruciferous vegetables. You can call these vegetables as gassy vegetables. It includes broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, cabbage, garden cress, and many other related vegetables. Some of them are seasonal and some of them we find for the whole year. These vegetables contain minerals, nutrients, Vitamins K and C, and potassium. Having these helpful ingredients, these vegetables may cause a problem in our digestion process.

We can avoid this problem by cooking these vegetables appropriately. Cooked vegetables are easy to digest. Avoid taking a vegetable that causes gas.


Onions and Garlic:

Onions and garlic are the necessary ingredients in our daily cooking. I must say that you cannot cook anything without putting the slices of onion into it. Moreover, onion adds extra flavor and taste into the dish. You must know that onions contain fructans which is a great source of soluble fibers. When it is hyper in the amount it could bloating us.

On the other hand, garlic also contains fructans. You could find this element in Leek, Agave, Wheat, and many other foods. If you taste a slice of onion without mixing it with anything you will have an idea that how bitter an onion is. Besides onion, garlic is not different from it. Avoid taking too many onions and garlic like cinnamon in your favorite dishes. Try to comply with everything that has a measure. 



Seeing the name of beans, you may think that how do beans cause gas, right? Beans are the other tasty and more liked food ingredients in the world. You must like to take beans in our breakfast with noodles and snacks. I must say that beans contain a number of minerals and vitamins. It also creates raffinose which hampers our digestion problem.

You know some of our regular food is allergic to specific persons. Raffinose is a kind of sugar which is very hard to digest. When it stops digestion our stomach starts to create some gaseous element like hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and etc. These types of gas in our stomach is really a serious issue. So you could experience the gaseous problem after consuming beans.



Wheat is a strong source of gluten which may cause gas, bloating, stomach pain and etc. Now you are thinking that if wheat contains this harmful ingredient then what you will take for fill up your hunger. Gluten turns to the other foods which are made of wheat. If you are taking too much pasta, bread, and processed goods made with wheat, you may experience gas and bloat at the same time. These ingredients really hamper our digestion problem and increase our acidity. On the other hand, gluten is the cause of celiac disease which is 1% of total American.


Artificial sweeteners:

You often use artificial sweeteners in your favorite dishes to make the food tastier. Generally, we make this mistake in making food for the kids. Usually, kids like sweet food more than a pungent one. This kind of artificial ingredients is made by different kind of chemicals including colors, acids, and harmful substance of different elements. Though it is sweet, it could damage your stomach by increasing the level of acidity and the chances of digestion.

Artificial sweeteners contain sorbitol and xylitol which have no beneficial issues. BMC Obesity has shown that this kind of artificial components force our health to obesity as well as affect our mental condition.


Candies and junk foods:

How can I explain that candies and other junk food affect our health very rapidly? Generally, candies are made with sugar, color, and harmful chemicals. You like to have candies anytime at your office, home or at the morning walk. We take it just to increase our taste of mouth and sudden energy.

On the other hand, junk foods are naturally oily by its production. Oil and fat are the other major reason for bloating and gas. Oils are not digested easily in our stomach. So when oil takes place in our stomach for a long time, it causes gaseous issues. I will suggest you keep yourself apart from taking candies and junk food regularly. Take homemade food regularly and be safe from acidity. If you have experienced the pungent feeling of acidity, you know better than how much disgusting the feeling is. Make sure you know Heart Cancer: All Kinds of Question & Answers.



Already you have got a list of gassy foods which are very common in our daily routine. Read the article again to be sure that you avoiding these major gaseous food. Take healthy foods always. 


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