Heart Cancer: All Kinds of Question & Answers

Heart Cancer

Cancer is really well-known in the present world as it has become the most dangerous disease among all the mortal disease. There are many types of cancer you can see but heart cancer is the most venturesome disease in the world. Now, you will get a bundle of question answer in the following article. Keep reading the most important question about heart cancer.


What is heart cancer?

Heart cancer or cardiac tumor is cancer which is generally affected in the heart. Generally, it is a type of tumor or sarcomas that arise in the tissues of the middle of your body. A large portion of heart tumors is noncancerous.

Generally, heart cancer is very rare that a study on cancer has examined that within 12,000 cancer affected people only seven could be affected by carcinoid tumor which also called heart cancer. This kind of carcinoid tumor produces a kind of hormones that may damage heart valves. There is a secondary heart tumor named metastatic heart tumor that is very common in all over the world. It is the only tumor which can affect the central nervous system directly.


What causes heart cancer?

Generally, Doctors do not find yet why some people fall in the cardiac tumor of heart cancer. But some major issues could be realized by the present situation. I have enclosed some major causes of heart cancer.

Age: Sometimes age is the main fact of having this mortal disease. Adults and babies are in the risk zone of being affected by this cancer.

Heredity: Having cancer in family member could be a cause.

Gene: Some children may be got affected by their gene getting from their parent’s blood. It is called rhabdomyoma.

Immune system: If our immune system does not work properly, it may cause cardiac lymphoma.

Smoking: At the present age, tobacco could be a major cause of cancer.

Alcohol: In the sophisticated family it could be seen that they are affected mostly in cancer for drinking so much.

Virus: An ordinary virus could be the cause of heart cancer if it stays for a long time.

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What are heart cancer symptoms?

One cannot get heart cancer symptoms at the very beginning when the tumor arises. When the cardiac tumor has got a shape inside our heart, we can experience the symptoms of its presences.

Weakness: You may experience sudden weakness. Do not sit at home if you feel that your potentiality or energy is going down day by day.

Fever: Are you having whimsical fever very often? Your medicine is not working as well? you should talk to your doctor.

Irregular heart rate: You may have an irregular heart rate. Try to feel your heart rate by observing your breathing frequency.

Weight loss and decreasing of urine: You may have sudden weight loss with decreasing of urination.

These are the common symptoms that one can easily examine himself that what is going on his health.

You may have several symptoms which only the doctor can get.


Why is heart cancer also called “primary cardiac tumor”?

You will not cancer along inside your body. All types of cancer are generated from various tumors at the beginning. You may say that the tumor is the base of cancer. Here, the cause of heart cancer is also a tumor which is called a primary cardiac tumor. This type of tumor generates into our heart.

Basically, this primary cardiac tumor is called cancer in the general world. Doctors examine this tumor to measure the damage of the heart. On the other hand, this tumor is called primary because there is another secondary tumor which also causes heart cancer. The primary cardiac tumor appears very rare.


Why Are Cardiac Tumors or Heart Cancer So Rare?

We cannot see inside our body that our body tissues are being divided regularly following a routine. A general tumor or cancer could be attached in this duration of dividing tissues. The fact is that the tissues in our heart do not divide. They remain the same in all conditions. That is why there is always a negative chance to have Cardiac Tumors. Besides, there are several reasons for having heart cancer which is very rare to find in people.

Cardiac tumors take a long time to form and spread their damaging force. This is why you would find 7 to 10 person with heart cancer within a thousand of people having cancer.  


What causes fluid around the heart?

The reason for fluid around the heart is known medically as pericardial effusion. Pericardial is a double-layered membrane sac that protects the heart from the other tissues inside the body. When it got damages, you may experience fluid on your heart.

Bacterial pericarditis: Bacteria like pneumococcus, Staphylococcus, and other types of bacteria may enter into the layer of pericardium which causes fluid.

Viral pericarditis: It could be complication by a various infection in our body which is caused by gastrointestinal virus or HIV.

Injury: A serious injury may be the cause of the fluid if it happens nearly to the heart.

Heart Failure: Many of having heart cancer may experience a heart attack when their blood is not pumping normally. It may cause heart fluid.


Can you die from heart cancer?

You will not die from all cancer. But there is some very dangerous cancer that may kill you within a certain period of time. As heart cancer is very rare in the world, the diagnosis of this cancer is also very rare. You know that cancer is not identified in a day. It takes several years to grow inside our body. When it gets hyper in size and action, you just experience a little symptom of it.

When we start our treatment, it is too late. The tumor of cancer already started killing our important tissues and anti-bacterial which protects our body from various diseases. Generally, a person may live 5 years after identifying the poison of heart cancer.


What are the chances of surviving heart cancer?

It is examined that a person having primary cardiac tumors will have the chances of living 9 to 12 months in only 10%. So it very rare to live to have heart cancer.


Why don’t we hear of primary cancer associated with the heart?  

You cannot mix heart cancer with other cancer at all. We know there are several types of cancer in the world. All types of cancer have definite reasons and causes. You may know that lung cancer, breast cancer, throat cancer, other types of cancer may begin with different types of causes and reasons. But heart cancer is totally different from the others. You know that the tissues inside the heart are not changeable or dividable. They remain the same for a long time that is why a cancerous tumor cannot affect a heart easily. These are the reason for primary cancer cannot be associated with heart cancer at all.

You have got the most asked question with an answer to heart cancer in the world with appropriate research. If you think the article is valuable, share it to your near and dear one.

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