Why Should I buy an N95 mask against coronavirus?

N95 mask

You should buy an N95 mask against CoronaVirus. Here, we will show you several reasons for choosing the N95 mask as the best mask to protect yourself against COVID-19. Before going too deep, you must have the basic knowledge about COVID-19 such as how it spreads and how a mask can protect you from the virus. 

Let’s dig deeper. 

How COVID-19 spreads?

The most dangerous thing about the virus is that it can spread in the air. Even, this virus can stay for three days in an object if any infected person touches this object. 

Covid-19 can spread through air, cough, sneezing, and dust. When an infected person coughs or sneezes, he spreads some tiny droplets in the air. These tiny droplets can enter your body through breathing by the nose, eye, and mouth.  

There is a limitation in the distance of spreading the virus. If you stand near an infected person within 3 feet, then you may get infected by the virus. If he talks, the virus spreads in the air. You can be infected while you are breathing in the naked nose. 

Using a mask can protect you from these entire situations. Keep in mind that a mask is not enough to protect you from this virus. 

How N95 masks protect you from Covid-19?

The N95 mask is very much efficient to filter the air you breathe. By the name, you get that it can protect you up to 95% from the substances in the air. The specialty of this mask is that it fits on your face properly. The build quality of this mask gives long term durability. It means you can reuse the mask.

It has several layers that filter the air while breathing. When you inhale the air, you may not feel any pressure due to its valve. In most of the N95 masks, you will find this valve. This valve creates a barricade in the mask so that you may not release the virus in the air and inhale it from outside as well.

WHO (World Health Organization) has advised keeping a social distance when you are outside home. You should maintain approximately 3 to 7 feet distance from others. However, you may not maintain this distance in a grocery shop or bank. At this time, you must have an N95 mask on your face. It is best for outside.  

Before going outside, you must ensure that you place it properly. If any air can enter your nose by the sides of the mask, then you may not protect yourself from the virus.

How can you wear a facemask properly?

  • The facemask must be placed properly in your mouth so that no air can enter in your mouth by the sides.
  • Before touching a mask, know how to touch and wear a mask. 
  • If you are using a surgical mask, then don’t reuse the mask. Surgical masks are for one-time uses. 
  • Tie properly the mask if it does not have ear loops. 
  • Make sure that mask is clean enough to wear. 


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