How can I prepare for CCNA at home? What is the pass rate for the CCNA exam?

prepare for CCNA at home

You can take preparation at your home to take part in the trial of the CCNA exam. You should know how hard the exam is to pass for a general person. At first, you have to think about the subject of the exam that you are going to seat to write. You must have a good idea about the subjects. Examine the subjects carefully and make a list of what equipment you need to complete the subject.  

Arrange all the ingredients to prepare for the exam practically at your home. Do not give up seeing the commodities you need to arrange. Collect previous question patterns if possible. Take an idea from the previous question pattern. It will help you to make the study plan seating at home. 

The passing rate of the exam is about 85%. You will be happy seeing the passing rate. You should stop working hard because in some cases the failure rate is above 95%. Be attentive and take good preparation. Do you know what is considered a passing score on the CCNA 200-125 exam?


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