The Top 12 Things You May Not Know About Legolas the Elf


If you are here, then I am sure you are a big fan of “Lord of the rings”. The Lord of the Rings has plenty of amazing characters and races. The story pivoted around the Fellowship of the Ring: nine fellows who were cooperating to toss the One Ring into the flames of Mount Doom.

Legolas is the prince from Mirkwood forest & one of the nine members of the fellowship who decided to destroy the one ring.  He is a very strong member of the fellowship of the ring & willing to give his life for the destruction of one ring.

In the movie, we see him carrying a bow and arrows with twin blades that help him to chase down orcs, trolls, and goblins. His point with a bow and valid is accurate and never misses. He can stroll on chains, flip over ponies, and even bring down a Mumakil without anyone else. That is why people love him very much.

However, there is something about Legolas Greenleaf which is unknown. Let’s reveal, the top 12 things you may not know about Legolas the Elf.

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1. His age is just a riddle

Well, J.R.R. Tolkien did not reveal his actual age, but we have some clues. Such as elves Aragon (87) & Gimli (140) is like children to him. This means he is senior to them. In another place, he mentioned that he’s seen numerous oak trees go from being only an oak seed to “ruinous age.”

 Now imagine, oak trees can live up to 1000 years. So, Legolas estimated age is 1000 to 2000 years old.

2. Legolas has the super-human ability 

Legolas has the extraordinary hearing ability, the adjustable vision, never gets drained or cold, and can oppose gravity. All of these powers prove his superhuman ability. What’s more, he can kill a flying Nazgûl horse with just one shot.

3. Has insomnia

Like other Elves, Legolas doesn’t have to rest or sleep. As per Tolkien, Elves could even see dreams while awaking. When Legolas was stumbling into the Plains of Rohan along with Aragorn and Gimli, Legolas never dozes, and even stands to watch while his cleared out Dwarf and Human partners get some z’s. Later on, Legolas rests with his eyes all the way open, which looks extremely freaky.

4. Has extraordinary Six Sense

As we saw in the Lord of the Rings series, we found that Legolas can listen to what rocks are thinking, and can detect what trees are feeling.

5. He is a Daydreamer

As we know, elves don’t require sleep or rest so as Legolas. But he can see dream while awake.

6. Never Runs Short Of Arrows

Legolas is the best bowman from the Middle-earth. Along these lines, we saw he is continually destroying orcs and trolls all through The Lord of the Rings. In any case, it appears that he never comes up short on arrows regardless of what number of shots he discharges. 

He could experience a whole fight and end more than 50 orcs and have simply a little quiver on his back. It’s absurd to believe that he never came up short on bolts. But, in The Hobbit, we found him ran out of bolts once. Maybe, it’s just a feeling of mindfulness that Peter Jackson utilized in that movie.

7. He can run over Falling Rocks

In Battle of the Five Armies, Legolas was battling with Bolg in a duel as far as possible. They were fighting over a bridge & suddenly we saw the bridge got broken under the Prince of Mirkwood. Rather than falling with the stones, he ran over the falling rocks & safely land to the ground. Obviously, it’s a friction but also proves he can run over falling rocks.

8.   Legolas was a singer too (only in the novel)

In the books, Legolas Greenleaf would frequently communicate his feelings through melody. In The Fellowship of the Ring, Legolas sings “The Song of Nimrodel”. It is a sad song about a lady named Nimrodel, and it reveals insight into how Lothlórien was influenced by “the malevolence in the mountains” stirred by the Dwarves. After Boromir’s demise, Aragorn and Legolas sing together in his respect. In their song, they were singing about the north, west, and south breezes. However, on-screen, we don’t generally get an opportunity to hear Legolas singing.

9. Got injuries while filming

Audiences don’t know a lot about the behind the scenes story.  There is a fact that many of the Lord of ring actors got injured while shooting. There was no exception for Legolas. Orlando Bloom who playing the role of Legolas broke several ribs by falling from a horse while filming “The Lord of the Ring: The Two Towers”.

Broken ribs may sound overwhelming; however, Orlando is very familiar with these risky stunts. In an interview, he expressed that he has split his skull and broken his nose once. In another occurrence, he really crushed a few vertebrae in his back in the wake of tumbling from a rooftop, and also has broken bones in his legs.

10. He is a Price

We already that Legolas is a Sindarin Elf. Yet, we have no idea about his mother, the name of his father is Thranduil. He was king of Elves from Northern Mirkwood Forest. The surname of Legolas is Greenleaf.

His father sends him to the Council of Elrond to give information about Gollum’s break. It is there that Legolas decides to be an individual of the Fellowship of the Ring.

11. Where does he vanish after the Great War of the Ring?

After all the fights are won and the ring is wrecked, Legolas establishes an Elf state in Ithilien, assisting with reestablishing the entirety of the crushed backwoods around there.

12. He Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts

When Legolas, Gimli, and Aragorn pass through the Haunted Mountains, Legolas was unafraid. As we know Elves have no dread of the phantoms of men. However, Legolas was quite terrified of Balrogs. It is antiquated searing beasts that were made by Morgoth, an underhanded mythical being.


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