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If you would like to contribute to SecondWiki blog, please review the following guidelines. Be sure to include links to two or three samples of your best writing on any topic. We will contact you if your writing style is appropriate for our current needs. Once you have reviewed the guidelines and then contact us Or contact.secondwiki(at)gmail.com.

Thank you!


SecondWiki Blog Post Guidelines and Criteria

All Blog Posts written for SecondWiki (SW) must comply with the following guidelines and criteria:

  1. The post must be written in English. Our reader is the general public. That’s why the writing should be easy to understand.
  2. The blog post should be 100% unique and I will obviously check Copyscape before publishing and if I find copied paragraph or something then you will be banned (from SecondWiki.com) for lifetime.
  3. The blog post should be 800 words plus.
  4. Longer articles will be accepted as long as they are well-researched and include valuable and relevant information that is helpful to SecondWiki readers. Don’t send a plain article. Use subheadings, bullet points etc.
  5. Consider overall readability.
  6. The most important ones: Once your article will live on SecondWiki blog then you will not have any right to publish it anywhere else.
  7. SecondWiki blog has the right to edit if needed.
  8. A brief author bio of no more than two or three sentences.
  9. Other important ones: My personal content management software will always monitor your published article and if I see you published it again in any other website then I will immediately delete your article from my website without any notification.
  10. Blog Posts must be original works that have not been previously published on any website, chat, forum or social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn etc.)
  11. You will get a link back to your blog from your author bio.

Note: Allow max 14 days to get the response on your email, if after 14 days you do not get any reply back from me then you should think your request is not approved.